Haskell on Heroku reference

Haskell on Heroku is a Heroku buildpack for deploying Haskell apps.

The buildpack uses Halcyon to install apps and development tools, including GHC and Cabal.

This reference is a list of buildpack-specific options. Additional options are listed in the Halcyon reference.

General options


Default value: none
Type: string

Private key to be written to ~/.ssh/id_rsa after beginning execution.

Additionally, disables SSH strict host key checking, and sets the known hosts file to /dev/null.

Intended to support using private GitHub repositories as HALCYON_SANDBOX_SOURCES.

Self-update options


Default value: variable
Type: read-only string

Directory in which Haskell on Heroku is installed.

Automatically set by Haskell on Heroku at run-time.


Default value: https://github.com/mietek/haskell-on-heroku
Type: git URL

URL of the git repository from which Haskell on Heroku updates itself.

Defaults to the master branch. Other branches may be specified with a #branch suffix.


Default value: 0
Type: 0 or 1

Prevents Haskell on Heroku from updating itself.